A 3D action RPG game taking place in a medieval fantasy world.


Oma-peli means "my game" in Finnish.

Omapeli is a video game developed by an indie developer GameDev Joni since the summer 2022 (although the very first commits on the project were done little earlier).

The game is currently in early development and expecting to release in 2025 (the original release was planned for 2023 but that got changed because I don't work on the game full time at the moment).

The alpha demos have been available since December 2022:

Everything presented here is subject to change.

Gameplay mechanics

Game world

Technical details (for nerds and gamedev enthusiasts)

Omapeli runs on the open-source Panda3D engine that exposes both the C++ and Python APIs. Nearly everything in Omapeli is programmed in Python except for the shaders and some custom C++ additions on the Panda3D engine.

All 3D models in Omapeli are parametric and create on runtime. This will lead to simplistic but highly configurable 3D models and allows for example much customisation over the player's character.

The terrain tiles are procedurally created from Perlin noise and laid out in an "infinitive" grid structure. The world is then pseudo-randomly filled following the rules set for each biome.

How the story may begin...

In Omapeli, you wake up in an abandoned underground laboratory of ome sorts. Lying on the ground, you reach the table next to you. This place, it feels familiar but you cannot recall why. Who are you? Confused and disoriented, you walk towards the glowing structure in the front of you. It was a portal, and it took you to a night-time forest, where, at first, you cannot see a a thing. But it is not dark, the moon is high. You can feel the cold wind chewing your bones. Maybe its early winter already? That is when you hear wolf howling in a distance. Your heart stars to rush and you brace yourself...

Can you survive?

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