A 3D action RPG game taking place in a medieval fantasy world.

Articles by Gamedev JONI

  1. Year 2023 Update

    Year 2023 is about to finish - I hope you had a nice one.

    Omapeli v0.2.0 "Year 2023 Update" will release in this December to celebrate the original alpha demo launch a year ago.

    Omapeli has progressed only a little because I have worked other jobs this year (mainly …

  2. Alpha demo is out!

    The crunch challenge is over. Finally, the OMAPELI alpha demo is out there!

    But the game is still far from complete: Many things are missing, or poorly implemented, and there is virtually no gameplay content. I'll be updating the demo on a weekly/monthly basis for some time now - expect …

  3. The final crunch

    Three weeks ago, I made myself a crunch plan to get the OMAPELI game ready for the alpha demo in 30 days (or actually, 20 since I have been resting the weekends). Each day, I implemented a feature, and if the time ran out, I moved on.

    Each evening then …

  4. Demo in December 2022

    The (alpha) demo will available for free on for anyone who wants to test it. There is no set release date yet but I aim for the second week of December.

    In what state the demo comes out is still and open question but I keep updating it …

  5. Website is now open!

    Hello, hello and welcome!

    I opened a homepage for Omapeli so that all Omapeli related content from different platforms could be centralized on one accessible location.

    However, this website is not going to replace my other activities. Here, you can find mostly old school static content such as links, images …