A 3D action RPG game taking place in a medieval fantasy world.

Year 2023 Update

Year 2023 is about to finish - I hope you had a nice one.

Omapeli v0.2.0 "Year 2023 Update" will release in this December to celebrate the original alpha demo launch a year ago.

Omapeli has progressed only a little because I have worked other jobs this year (mainly I started my own tiny science/technology business in Finland). Many months passed without even launching the game, and that is why the original plan to release in 2023 is totally scrapped.

The release is now expected in 2025.

During 2024, I hope to develop Omapeli more actively and restart my social media presence (especially Youtube devlogs, I really enjoyed doing those). I still have this very strong vision of the game I want to make but reaching it is behind a lot of work.

Happy holidays and stay strong! - Joni